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Hole-in-One Recognition

Any VSGA member scoring a hole-in-one in the current calendar year may receive a certificate and engraved bag tag to commemorate the feat. Fill out our form below to receive recognition!

Hole in One Hero

2024 Holes-In-One

Below is a list of VSGA members who have made a hole-in-one in the current year. 

Name Course Hole Yards Club Date
Brandon Arrowood The Golf Club at the Highlands 5th 170 9-iron Apr 21
Kearney Baldwin Piankatank River Golf Club 5th 95 Pitching Wedge Apr 18
Simone Beltz Springfield Golf & Country Club 11th 134 8-iron Apr 21
Gerald Bodner Burke Lake Golf Center 10th 140 8-iron Mar 12
Christopher Boscarello Prince William Golf Course 14th 175 7-iron Mar 13
David Bowerman Old Trail Golf Club 9th 150 8-iron Feb 8
Bob Bynum Lake of the Woods Country Club 3rd 144 Driver Jan 26
Chris Caffee Cedar Point Club 12th 156 8-iron Feb 10
Steven Carter Pete Dye River Course of Virginia Tech 7th 118 8-iron Feb 7
Todd Clary Hunting Hawk Golf Club 17th 142 9-iron Feb 4
Allen Clarke The Dominion Club 11th 149 8-iron Apr 1
Susan Clarke Princess Anne Country Club 15th 134 Driver May 1
Alexander Clegg Forest Greens Golf Club 16th 155 7-iron Apr 19
Bruce Coston Copper Cove Golf Club 16th 160 6-iron Apr 16
Matthew Cox Blue Hills Golf Club 4th 185 5-iron Apr 28
Jim Coxey Medal of Honor Golf Course 18th 130 9-wood Mar 17
John Crenshaw Blue Hills Golf Club 17th 117 9-iron Jan 30
George Cummings Hobbs Hole Golf Course 2nd 125 9-iron Apr 22
Neil Davis Boonsboro Country Club 12th 266 Driver May 5
Mark Deal Rock Harbor Golf Course (Boulder) 13th 122 9-iron Apr 7
Amy Deans Brandermill Country Club 3rd 112 6-iron Feb 8
Dean Delfavero Kingsmill Resort (Woods) 8th 145 9-iron May 2
Steve DeMasters The Dominion Club 9th 163 7-iron Apr 1
Mike Donner River Creek Club 7th 127 9-iron Mar 15
Tish Dorman Copper Cove Golf Club 2nd 116 5-wood Mar 17
Vince Evans Kingsmill Resort (Woods) 6th 164 6-iron May 11
Kent Farmer Fredericksburg Country Club 17th 175 4-hybrid Mar 7
Andrew Ferguson The Dominion Club 17th 138 5-iron Jan 12
Jason Gard Heritage Hunt Golf & Country Club 6th 148 7-iron May 5
Mike Garrell Beaver Creek Country Club 8th 150 7-iron Mar 24
Stephen Gerke Burke Lake Golf Center 6th 134 Pitching Wedge Jan 27
Stephen Gerke Burke Lake Golf Center 17th 132 Pitching Wedge Jan 27
Frederick Gholson Cypresswood Golf & Country Club 16th 120 8-iron Feb 13
John Gibson Richmond Country Club 6th 147 5-iron May 2
Lindsey Gilbert The Dominion Club 3rd 119 7-wood Feb 8
Robert Glausser Dominion Valley Golf Club 6th 132 9-iron Mar 15
Steven Gohn Williamsburg National Golf Club (Yorktown) 17th 89 Sand Wedge May 2
Glenn Gray Lakeside Park Club 2nd 192 6-iron Mar 3
Danny Hamblen International Country Club 8th 178 5-iron Apr 24
Adam Hatchl Brickshire Golf Club 4th 160 6-iron May 1
Bo Heller Lexington Golf & Country Club 4th 153 6-iron Feb 5
Madison Hill Hunting Hawk Golf Club 12th 146 9-iron Mar 22
Kolette Hoyle Chevy Chase Club 4th 109 9-iron May 2
Virginia Mae Huff Belmont Golf Course (Little Bell) 1st 70 Driver May 11
Matthew Hutcheson Medal of Honor Golf Course 18th 170 6-iron Apr 19
Randy James The Hollows Golf Club 7th 129 9-iron Apr 29
Anthony Jay Herndon Centennial Golf Course 14th 130 8-iron Jan 12
Joe Keating Magnolia Green Golf Club 15th 162 5-hybrid Apr 13
Timothy Lineberry Tuscarora Country Club 11th 138 7-iron Mar 12
Brandon Mackey The Club at Viniterra 12th 132 Pitching Wedge Apr 21
Jay Mashaw Magnolia Green Golf Club 15th 133 8-iron Jan 2
Andrew McGowan 1757 Golf Club 18th 135 9-iron Mar 31
Tony Mejia London Downs Golf Course 15th 100 Pitching Wedge Mar 16
Keith Myers Blue Hills Golf Club 2nd 178 4-hybrid Feb 10
Raymond Minh Nguyen PB Dye Golf Club 2nd 90 56-degree wedge Jan 27
Randy Monger Stonehenge Golf & Country Club 7th 158 8-iron Apr 27
Tony Munno River Creek Club 7th 155 6-iron May 9
Ian Munter The Cardinal Golf Club (White) 5th 163 6-iron Apr 24
Elaine Nauta Loudoun Golf & Country Club 10th 165 Driver Apr 23
Joey Nguyen Rock Harbor Golf Course (Boulder) 2nd 172 5-iron May 11
Craig Parrish Country Club of Petersburg 5th 156 5-hybrid Jan 4
Simon Petty Lake Chesdin Golf Club 11th 141 9-iron May 14
Harrison Pickett Princess Anne Country Club 7th 130 Pitching Wedge May 10
Frank Quindlen Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club (Bay) 5th 180 5-wood May 1
Skeeter Railey The Golf Club at the Highlands 2nd 130 8-iron Jan 3
Michele Reilly Heritage Hunt Golf & Country Club 11th 137 7-wood Mar 13
William Rice Belle Haven Country Club 9th 146 5-hybrid Apr 24
James Scheiman Birdwood Golf at Boar's Head Resort 7th 138 8-iron May 13
Gary Schemmel Brookwoods Golf Club 11th 130 8-iron May 6
Shane Shackford Westfields Golf Club 3rd 158 5-hybrid Apr 5
Chuck Shinski Captain's Cove Golf & Yacht Club 7th 135 Pitching Wedge Mar 4
Ron Simms Laurel Hill Golf Club 4th 126 9-iron Mar 14
John Sommers Regency at Dominion Valley 13th 125 9-iron May 6
Steve Southerland Tanglewood Shores Golf & Country Club 6th 147 8-iron Apr 7
Spencer Standbridge Hobbs Hole Golf Course 12th 92 Gap Wedge Apr 7
David Staples The Golf Club at the Highlands 11th 119 9-iron Apr 14
John Steele Old Trail Golf Club 7th 177 7-wood May 6
Philip Stone Rock Harbor Golf Course (Boulder) 2nd 123 7-iron Feb 26
Philip Stone Rock Harbor Golf Course (Boulder) 13th 98 Pitching Wedge Mar 6
Peter Strubhar London Downs Golf Course 15th 120 9-iron Apr 18
Doug Strup Kingsmill Resort (Woods) 12th 145 6-hybrid Apr 18
Scott Survello The Golf Club at the Highlands 5th 142 8-iron Apr 30
Wallace Taylor The Hollows Golf Club (Road) 6th 100 Pitching Wedge Feb 1
Shelby Timberlake Providence Golf Course 11th 155 7-iron Feb 1
Jim Turpie The Golf Club at the Highlands 5th 134 4-hybrid Jan 26
Dennis Wargo Two Rivers Country Club 17th 165 6-iron Mar 5
John W. Warren, Sr. Rock Harbor Golf Course (Boulder) 17th 106 5-hybrid Mar 29
Ashley Weatherford Hobbs Hole Golf Course 7th 128 8-iron Apr 23
Chrystal Welch Piankatank River Golf Club 5th 91 8-iron May 8
James Wester Meadowbrook Country Club 9th 102 9-iron Feb 8
Gus White Belmont Golf Course (Little Bell) 1st 87 Lob Wedge Feb 1
Stuart Williams Emporia Country Club 13th 170 5-iron Feb 2
Grayson Wood Willow Oaks Country Club 2nd 155 8-iron Mar 19
Mike Yates Twin Lakes Golf Course 8th 135 7-iron Apr 18
John Young Battlefield Golf Club 6th 143 8-iron Feb 18
John Zeberlein Westfields Golf Club 12th 149 8-iron Apr 7