Dedicated to providing opportunities for golf's future, the VSGA's junior golf programs offer championships, beginner programs with the VSGA Junior Golf Club, schedule information, and many other services and amenities. The VSGA also offers a full schedule of junior competitions for Virginia's junior boys and girls, as well as interstate team matches.

Hear from our past Junior Golfers


“Everyone that I’ve met through the VSGA and the experience that I’ve gained as I grew up out here and the competition I’ve played in over the years has really helped prepare me to continue to strive for my goals as I embark on the next phase of my career.”

– Lauren Doughtie



“If it weren’t for the VSGA, I never would be able to maintain these relationships with my peers and I know that because of these tournaments they have for the ladies, I’ll continue to know these girls for the rest of my life.”

– Elizabeth Brightwell




“You meet a lot of volunteers and a lot of rules officials. Everybody with the VSGA has been amazing and just so helpful and encouraging throughout my career.”

– Amanda Steinhagen



jr-championships-testimonial“They have just really helped develop my game in a positive manner and helped me become the best golfer and person that I can be.”

– Adam Ball